Want Thrilled Customers? Under Promise and Over Deliver

~by Haley Lynn Gray~ One of the easiest tips for keeping clients and customers happy is to under promise and over deliver. What I mean by that is very, very simple.  If you tell a client that a project is going to be done by a particular date, then ensure you make that date. Preferably …

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Entrepreneur Interview – Laurie Delk

Laurie Delk has been an entrepreneur for over 20 years, which allowed her to work from home to raise and homeschool her 4 children, while still providing for her family. She teaches, coaches and trains people and businesses to reach their potential, and go beyond to more success. She travels and speaks often, all over …

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How to Understand and Embrace the Process of Change

~by Maria Marc~ Although change is something natural, in progress, and necessary for life, most people don’t like it. But what would life be without change? Probably boredom, stagnation, and ultimately extinction!   We all face changes many times during our life’s journey. The longer we live, the more changes we’ll face.   If you …

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5 Guiding Principles of Positive-Thinking Caregivers


~by K. Sunshine Steward~ With the aging population, families feel the constant struggle to care for their elderly parents as a family caregivers while balancing out their everyday life. The most disheartening aspect of taking care of parents is burning out as their caregivers, because like most families, they never use services that may be …

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Does the Fear of Missing Out Make You Anxious?

~by Rebecca Schaeffer~ Fear of Missing Out (FoMO) is a constant, underlying concern for always living life to the fullest, so as not to miss out on possible opportunities, experiences or connections. It can manifest as debilitating indecision, based on a fear that taking action in one direction will eliminate other possible outcomes. It can …

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How to Stay Focused When Things Get Chaotic

~by Haley Lynn Gray~ Have you ever had times in your business when everything seemed chaotic? Were you able to stay focused? There are plenty of days when things don’t go nearly as anticipated in business and entrepreneurship. People get sick. Kids get sent home from school. Clients ask for refunds, or don’t pay. Or …

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Entrepreneur Interview – Jacqueline Miller

Jacqueline Miller is a Mom-Strategist who helps women reconnect with their dreams, guilt-free, while still being great moms, and she’s the author of the bestselling book, It’s Not Me, It’s My Inner Me: 10 Steps to Getting Unstuck and Empowered. If you’re a mom who is guilty of placing herself last on the list, check …

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Secrets to Being an Outstanding Public Speaker

~by Donya Zimmerman~   As a Public Speaker, you must understand that the speech is not about you, it’s about the audience. Professional speakers understand the need to focus on a problem and give solutions to it. As a public speaker, you should create a connection with the audience. The best speeches are remembered because …

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Are Leadership and Management Really that Different?

Kali Sunshine Steward

~By K. Sunshine Steward~ “Effective leadership is not about making speeches or being liked; leadership is defined by results not attributes.” ~Peter Drucker Many would debate the idea that leadership and management are distinctively different, however they seem to entwine with one another, causing us to mirror our own actions and ask ourselves, “Are we …

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Embrace Your Freedom to Choose. 
Accept the Consequences.

~by Diana Murdoch~ We all want the freedom to choose our own path, make our own decisions and lead our own lives. It’s MY choice! It’s my RIGHT to choose. You will find no argument from me. If you are an adult and responsible for your own life, you may choose whatever you desire. You …

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